Zerion + GIS

Upcoming Webinar: Esri + Zerion
July 26, 2017 at 4pm EST

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Seamless ArcGIS Integration

Location, Location Location! Every record and subform record collected in Zerion contains very valuable metadata including timestamp, latitude, longitude, altitude and speed. Capture sophisticated data with the seamless integration between Zerion and ArcGIS Online and Server.

  • Zerion For ArcGIS Online: Seamlessly connect Zerion forms with ArcGIS Online and synchronize data collected in the field instantly.
  • Zerion + ArcGIS for Server: Power users can now connect Zerion with ArcGIS for Server through a suite of custom desktop tools.
  • Zerion + Collector app: Leveraging Smart Forms, related tables and advanced form building features you get the best of both worlds by passing data between the two applications.

Robust Form Building Capabilities

Why limit your data collection to flat forms and simple data entry? Zerion provides the tools and features for sophisticated data collection. Relational tables, one-to-many or complex data structures? whatever you call them, Zerion makes it easy to collect multi-layered data. Zerion created a one-of-a-kind comprehensive form building framework using simple Javascript commands, you can add skip logic, conditional elements and even interconnected forms and subforms.


Hardware & Software Integration

Scan, print and more seamlessly from the field with access to over 10 industry leading software and hardware products to enhance data capture and quality. Scan barcodes using Mantee® or Infinite Peripheral devices. Improve GPS accuracy with bluetooth devices like Dual, Badelf or XSBlue II devices. Capture temperature with the BlueTherm temperature probe or print Zerion records directly to a Zebra printer. All seamlessly integrated into the platform.