Hi! We’re Zerion.

For the past decade we have operated under the belief that there has to be a better way to collect, work with, and utilize data. We build products that enable our customers to constantly improve how they use and interact with information. We believe everything starts with good data. We know it drives better decision-making and allows our clients to focus on what matters most, saving time, money, resources, and lives.

Today, we are building the world’s most flexible, and scalable enterprise software platform that offers end-to-end inspection, survey, and audit solutions to help drive safety, compliance, and better decision making throughout organizations. In doing this, we’ve enabled our clients to reimagine what is possible.

Our Values are the Foundation of Our Culture

Make a difference, everyday, as you innovate and engage with our team. We’ve assembled a dynamic, talented, diverse team to build software that redefines how people, companies and organizations around the world work. Our team enjoys a challenging, open, collaborative work environment. You’ll notice that each member of the Zerion team brings a unique perspective to the team; but our core values are the steel thread of who we are and what we do.

Our People.

We believe in our people. It’s our people with an aligned purpose that makes our products so great. Purpose drives great products.

Our Work.

We are proud of the work we do. It’s not a matter of building good software or delivering a great training. We strive for all work to be remarkable because remarkable makes a difference.

Our Conversations.

Nothing happens without a conversation! Conversations create ideas, start new brands and build great products. A good conversation can transform how people work.

Your Work.

Your work is a reflection of who you are. There is a piece of every one of our team members laced throughout our products. Your work matters!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Okay, there may be a few Star Wars fans around the office…but this really is the story of how we came to be, told by CEO Sze Wong.

In 1999 Woody Amornkul, Scott Hunter, Chris Reichart, and I met at a local startup called Telispark. We were working on mobile enterprise applications for Sun Microsystems, Shell Oil, and Nextel and fell in love with mobile apps. During that time, I created a product called mInpect, a general purpose mobile data collection tool.

While at Telispark, I wasn’t just creating apps. I also ran a training school on the side; it was great. But, by 2003, Telispark was sold and we all went our separate ways. Things were changing fast on a personal level, too. In fact, at the same time, I closed my training school and discovered I was seriously in debt. It was time to look for a job.

So, I found a job and went through the motions. But, after one year I woke up feeling extremely bored. I knew I had to get out, that there was something better out there and I could be a part of it. I needed a partner, so, I called Woody.

“I am going to start a company. I have no idea what we will do but it will be something cool. I want you to be part of it.” Just like that, I decided to quit my job and Woody quit his. Something new became our mission.

There was still the matter of actually leaving my job, though. The conversation with my boss at the time went something like this:

“How will you know that you’ve succeeded, Sze?” -Big Boss at Corporate Job

“When I can work with a group of friends on something cool.” -Me

New Beginnings

We found a contract in GSA and Woody went there. Shortly after, we got another contract in FannieMae. I went there. We were up and running. But, it was just the beginning.

While in FannieMae I discovered the multi-layer subcontracting structure, so, I decided to create my own layer. Within a month I had the chance I’d be waiting for. I called Chris and Linda. They were on board; the team was growing. Soon I was able to bring another person in, I called Scott.

Christmas 2005 was celebrated at my house; Zerion officially had 6 employees; it was something to celebrate!

A Time of Continued Growth

We spent the next 3 years at FannieMae. Zerion grew to 15 people. We had successfully eliminated all subcontract layers. We signed as a direct, prime contractor with FannieMae in late 2007.

Among other people, we hired a young DBA named Amol Kedar while at FannieMae. Of the many contractors that we hired in FannieMae, Amol was the only person who followed us into the next era.

The Next Era Begins

Steve Jobs announced the App Store in the summer of 2008 and a friend, Mike Sanford, urged me to get in the app building business. “It’s the 80’s all over again,” he said. There were 500 apps at that time.

I bought my first Mac that weekend and created my first app while on a cruise. We all sensed the opportunity for something big.

That fall we started to look for mobile contracts. Woody and I developed a game for the App Store. At this point, things began to open up; we got a contract from Comcast. We wrote an app for an R&B Star.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, I got an email. Someone was looking for an iOS developer, but this was no ordinary project or timeline. They needed an app built urgently. In fact, they wanted it by midnight.

While still pulling the car into the driveway, I responded that I would take the job. I asked my wife to take care of our son. I was not going to sleep that night.

I delivered TweeterVoteReport at 2am.

Thinking Outside the Box

TweeterVoteReport got us to thinking. We realized we could develop serious business apps on this brand new platform. What do I mean by serious? At the time, in 2008, the “fart” app was the best selling app on the App Store. There was room for improvement.

So, we started building iFormBuilder. I left FannieMae but had to take on many other contracts in order to fund the development.

In June of 2009, we launched iFormBuilder (known as exZact then). By the end of 2009, we had 110 users. At the same time, we ran out of money. Scott, Chris and I did not receive paychecks for a while; we still believed in where this was going. We got through 2009 with a loan from one of our customers.

But then, 2010 began, and it was a turning point. Business slowly picked up. We started our first internship program and hired 3 interns that summer.

Among them was Tony Ruth, our current Director of Product Development. When I met him for the first time, I asked, “Do you know any programming language? In particular Javascript?”

“I have done some Flash scripting.” He replied.

“One day, I want you to become the master of Javascript.” I said, as he put a bite of shepherd’s pie into his mouth. He looked at me. Within a few seconds, his eyes turned from confused, to scared, but then, to something bigger, to commitment. I knew right then he was the right resource.

By the end of 2010, we ran out of money again. I got a bridge loan from my mentor, Jack Cleary. 6 months later, we paid back the loan in full.

We have been cashflow positive ever since.

A Part of Something Cool

Zerion was not founded on some earth-shattering idea. It’s just like the day when I first called Woody.

“I am going to work on something cool. I want you to be part of it.”

This continues to be our mission, to this day. Today, I ask you – as a potential customer – if you’re willing to catch the mission and be a part of something useful, something growing, something beneficial; but also, something cool.