iFormBuilder Distinguished Project WinnerThe Hunger Project

Outcome Evaluation Pilot Project and Scale Up: Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Senegal

Project Overview

Since 2008, The Hunger Project (THP) Program Countries have systematically monitored programmatic inputs (budgetary expenses, materials, etc.), activities (workshops,trainings, etc.), and outputs (# people trained, # trees planted). In 2012, their M&E system was updated from a paper-based collection effort to a comprehensive digital system through iFormBuilder that relies on key data points from activity tracking and studies and utilizes a mixed-method approach toassess their impact at the community level. Recognizing the tremendous inefficiencies in a paper-based data system, THP piloted the use of iFormBuilder with iPods in two countries: Ghana and Malawi. Based on the success of this implementation, three other countries successfully conducted iFormBuilder-based surveys in 2013 (Burkina Faso,Senegal and Uganda). In total, nearly 1,500 households were surveyed, representing over 220 villages and 144,000 individuals across five countries. The surveys were managed locally by THP?s six M&E Officers, conducted by 50 enumerators (who conducted interviews in local language), and supported by countless volunteers and community members living in villages where THP works. In 2014, THP expanded the evaluations in Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda, as well as scaled iFormBuilder use to Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia,Mexico and Mozambique.


Living Water InternationaliFormBuilder Distinguished Project Award Winner

Rwanda Country Program

Project Overview

Living Water International (LWI) captures incredible amounts of data from each and every project. From hydrogeological surveys to technical information about the drilling process to water quality testing and maintenance reports, they have a huge need for a robust reporting system. In 2011, LWI decided to do a pilot of iFormBuilder in one of the largest country programs in our organization? Rwanda. They administered a water quality assessment that had previously taken 9 months to conduct on paper and resulted in delayed reports with different errors. The second time with this assessment, LWI used the iFormBuilder platform and expanded to include questions on hardware, water information, sanitary surveys, cement information, community member answers, photos, GPS coordinates, and more. Three weeks later, the team had a report on their assessment with far fewer errors. Today, LWI has installed remote monitoring sensors on the hand pumps in Rwanda and are able to track and collect usage information on the hand pumps.


St. Joseph’s UniversityiFormBuilder Distinguished Project Award Winner

Inquiry Card Collection

Project Overview

Over a two year period iFormBuilder was used to collect contact information for prospective students at high school visits and college fairs. This data is then synced to iFormBuilder and pushed in real time to our Salesforce.com CRM system via Zapier. This real-time data integration allows us to communicate immediately with prospective students during the height of their interest in Saint Joseph’s University. Through the use of iFormBuilder we have saved thousands of hours previously spent on data entry and now can communicate almost instantly with our prospects.


Washington State Department of Agriculture

WSDA Pest Program Data Collection

Project Overview

The WSDA pest program focuses on invasive weeds and insects throughout the state of Washington. They run between 15-20 individual surveys during ?field season? which typically runs from May to December. During this time, they bring on seasonal field staff to conduct various surveys and inspections throughout all 39 counties in the state. These trappers/inspectors can vary in terms of age and technological savvy. For example, the gypsy moth program has trappers that vary in age from early 20?s all the way to over 75 years old. This can definitely be a challenge for training and support for this program. This is also compounded by the fact that they are given only two days to train these trappers in all facets of their job. With iFormBuilder, they were able to complete the entire training in around 2 hours. For this program, all 40 users receive devices to conduct the inspections.


Tetra Tech ARDiFormBuilder Distinguished Project Award WInner

USAID projects: PREPARED, Haiti Lokal +, Liberia Municipal Water Project, SUWASA, ARCC, Ag Inputs

Project Overview

Tetra Tech utilizes the iFormBuilder platform for multiple data collection, management and reporting functions in challenging environments around the world. The Geospatial Technologies Unit and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) teams at Tetra Tech have deployed iFormBuilder in Kenya, Haiti, Mozambique, South Sudan, Liberia, Uganda, Eastern Senegal and Nigeria. The team customizes each deployment to meet the unique needs of the local context, which range from short-term household surveys, to long term M&E tracking. Tetra Tech leverages the enterprise capabilities of the iFormBuilder platform by providing each deployment with an individual profile while also building an institutional level repository of forms and data to provide better institutional learning. Utilized across programmatic sectors, survey results have informed the government of Maputo, Mozambique about the informal water providers, provided insight on climate change resiliency in Eastern Senegal and highlighted information on sanitation knowledge, attitudes and practices in Juba, South Sudan. Collected in the centralized iFormBuilder database, these data track the project?s progress and are reported through dashboards embedded in external websites.

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