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RJN Group, Inc. 

GATAR Field Collection System

Project Overview
RJN was in search of a more efficient and economical way to conduct field data collection but maintain RJN’s strict data integrity standards. The Geospatial Advanced Transmitter and Recorder or GATAR (pronounced Gator) was the idea conceived by RJN to incorporate the modern iPad with the efficient and economical iFormBuilder to conduct field collection services. In order to deliver collection system solutions, RJN assembles data from field collection using iFormBuilder. iFormBuilder has provided an economical yet robust solution to building mobile forms for RJN staff. RJN conducts complexed field data collection and management. The following tests are performed and results are logged using custom forms built with iFormBuilder: ? Manhole and Pipe Inspections ? Smoke Testing ? Building Service Inspections ? Dyed Water Testing ? Flow Monitoring Incomplete or inaccurate condition assessment presents a serious risk to the project?s success. RJN?s trained and experienced field crews can perform the field inspections necessary to provide a strong data foundation. Using iFormbuilder allows RJN field crews an efficient, economical and reliable solution to ensure data integrity.

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SE.CU.RE (SErvice CUstomised REporting)

Project Overview
BSA is using iFormBuilder to develop and deploy mobile data collection for the Technical Maintenance Service division. This has led to a number of results including improved documentation for field engineers, improved reporting efficiencies, and standardization of field engineer data. Using iFormBuilder has allowed BSA Limited to reduce overhead costs, reduce the number of daily sales outstanding, and improve their position in the industry by having a flexible platform that is able to be rapidly deployed. The relationship with iFormBuilder has been definitive for BSA’s Technical Maintenance Services division.

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Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

Let?s Talk Coffee App

Project Overview
By gathering everyone from producers and roasters to financiers and NGO representatives, Let?s Talk Coffee?s inclusive nature sparks ideas, initiatives, and business relationships that transform the supply chain and define the future of specialty coffee; forge new business partnerships and strengthen existing ones; recognize producer excellence; build relationships; identify solutions to pressing issues; and meet production partners one-on-one. The app was an important tool to help 560 conference attendees to come together for an open and transparent weekend, where we add fresh insights to the conversation, examined how to bring the sustainability of the industry to scale, and celebrated the strong network of partners that we have created over 15 years working in specialty coffee.

Three Rivers Park District

Three Rivers Park District

Paperless Nursery Management

Project Overview
The Park District operates its own nursery for the purpose of restoring Park District owned land to native plants. The goal of this project was to reduce paper, reduce the reliance on aging infrastructure, reduce the reliance data entry after the fact (there could be up to a 3 month backlog) and to provide quick feedback on the status of the tree inventory at a given time for the Nursery Manager.


Streamlining Form Creation Using Microsoft Excel

Project Overview
Using iFormBuilder, the AECOM teams in Australia and New Zealand created a form creation tool using Microsoft Excel and the iForm API that provides an easy-to-use template to fill in that will automatically create a form, form user and assign the for, to the user. This reduces initial form creation time significantly as it does not rely on the web interface, and provides additional functionalities. AECOM has been able to rapidly deploy forms for data collection on projects such as condition inspections and building audits, where time and cost are critical.

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