Traditionally, high-tech jobs are reserved for people who have Engineering and Computer Science degrees. In today’s fast-paced environment, we believe anybody who has enough grit can learn and grow to be a great contributor in the tech world. We are excited and proud to present the Zerion Apprenticeship Program, a one-year on-the-job training program for anyone who is brave enough to face real-world challenges.

As an apprentice, you will work alongside engineers to solve real-world problems our customers are aiming to solve. From business problems like tracking electric meter installations, to environmental problems like bird migration, to helping solve world hunger (yes, literally), you will have a chance to learn how we and our customers use data to make the world a better place.


  • 16 years and older
  • Have strong desire to join the tech world
  • Complete the Zerion Apprenticeship application below
  • Work at our Herndon, VA office

Apprenticeship Application

  1. Create an iFormBuilder trial account. (Make sure you use the correct contact information.) Use Apprentice – First Name Last Name for the Company Name.  Ex: Apprentice – Anthony Ryan
  2. With the trial account, create a form to document sunsets. Make sure to capture the following details using different iFormBuilder elements:
    • Geographical location (Lat, Long, Altitude, etc)
    • Name of location
    • Type of setting (Beach, city, mountains, etc)
    • Pictures of the sunset (one, or more)
    • Temperature
    • Comment (what’s so special about this Sunset)
  3. Use your form on the iForm app to capture sunsets from at least 5 different locations. Each Sunset should be submitted as a separate form submission.
  4. Write a brief summary on how you believe your form worked for this type of data capturing. What worked well? What could have been improved upon in your form? Could the software be improved upon to make it a better experience?

Send your summary and any questions to apprenticeship@zerionsoftware.com.