Teams Like Yours Who Have
Found Success with iFormBuilder

KFCKFC: uses Zerion to streamline marketing initiatives, cutting response times down from weeks to days, track food temperatures and more.

JacobsJacobs: used Zerion to build 61 forms with 1,200 elements, streamlining the rebuilding process following New Zealand earthquakes.

Seymour WhyteSeymour Whyte: relies on Zerion to gain new insight into safety management processes, resulting in a safer workplace.

BSABSA: uses Zerion tools daily to send/receive work orders, confirm equipment and plant statuses, control labor costs and document any work hazards prior to any job or task.

JGN GroupRJN Group: relies on Zerion for quick, simple project deployments and custom workflows with deep integrations of multiple systems, thanks to a powerful API and custom workflows.

AECOMAECOM: depends on Zerion’s usability, support and maintenance to deploy forms and tools that support their 3000-person team, responsible for designs and projects around the world.

DudekDudek: relies on Zerion to document potential impacts to wildlife and viability of wind farms, solar plants and other initiatives, through the monitoring of over 100 species in a given area.

Tetra TechTetra Tech: helped respond to Flint, Michigan’s water crisis through efficient sampling, surveying and more.

Axalta LogoAxalta Coating Systems: relies on iFormBuilder for identifying areas of improvement while tracking processes and inspections. With the power of iFormBuilder and its powerful integrations, they have been able to increase productivity, enhance inspections and more.

University of Miami Health SystemUniversity of Miami Health System: uses Zerion to track and manage inventory, inspect and maintain equipment, track sanitation and safety and more.

EcolabEcolab: relied on Zerion to set up and distribute a patented and proprietary cleaning outcome monitoring process the enabled real-time results in a cost-effective manner, to 26,000 associates worldwide.

Elizabeth R. Griffen Research Foundation: used iFormBuilder’s BioRisk, EHS Form Libraries and custom-built forms to audit and verify safety procedures in labs, hospitals and healthcare facilities in the U.S. and the developing world.

Root Capital: uses Zerion to transform rural communities—with iFormBuilder they have reached 33 businesses across Latin America, an estimated 20,000 farmers.

AIHAAIHA: uses Zerion for tracking HIV patients in Zambia to improve follow-up care among children and their mothers following HIV diagnoses.

iKapadataiKapaData: uses Zerion to gather data from the field quickly, eliminating paper use while viewing insights in real time.

Concern WorldwideConcern Worldwide: uses Zerion to gather data to provide more targeted aid, reducing errors and eliminating manual re-entry while complying with GDPR requirements.

NeverthirstNeverthirst: ensures a 95% success rate in filters designed to provide clean water to families around the world using Zerion.

Sustainable HarvestSustainable Harvest: uses Zerion to quickly develop and implement surveys, while applying collected data to various needs and exporting it across a range of programs and formats.

The Hunger ProjectThe Hunger Project: has used Zerion’s iFormBuilder to collect data on over 7,000 households across 9 countries, while continually expanding usage.

Samaritan’s PurseSamaritan’s Purse: has reduced disaster response times across the globe, reducing data entry times, post-data cleaning and processing times and inaccuracies while viewing GIS and mapping information in real-time.

Mennonite Economic Development AssociatesMennonite Economic Development Associates: has reduced overall costs in obtaining validated field data by 30%, while deeply integrating with other applications and tools to increase their reach around the world.

Rainforest AllianceRainforest Alliance: uses Zerion to translate surveys into multiple languages based on locale, insert pictures into forms, and shorten the data collection/submission cycle to enhance feedback and reporting.

Bayer Crop ScienceBayer Crop Science: automates workflows based on user activity, while complying with strict governmental regulations in multiple countries.

Boehringer IngelheimBoehringer Ingelheim: uses information gathered with Zerion and integrated with custom dashboards to collect, access and share information relating to swing health in real-time, preventing major crises and situations.

BurpeeBurpee: relies on Zerion functionality to gather information in real time on over 400 seed trials a year.

WSDA logoWashington State Department of Agriculture: Uses Zerion to track and monitor over 150 invasive, noxious weeds within 38 counties across the state.

Lothian Valuation Joint BoardLothian Valuation Joint Board: has expanded their reach to 400,000 households, canvassed by a team of only 12, thanks to Zerion’s capabilities and user-friendliness.

Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife: used Zerion to convert 60 paper forms to electronic versions, ensuring standardization across 100+ facilities across the state.

 Orange County Mosquito Control DistrictOrange County Mosquito and Vector Control District: uses iFormBuilder to streamline their data collection processes — strengthening mosquito control across the county and protecting citizens from vectors and vector-borne illnesses.

San Diego Unified School DistrictSan Diego Unified School District: used Zerion to implement a mobile classroom observation process, evaluating several factors to track student and faculty engagement.

Emory UniversityEmory University: used Zerion to digitize a 14-page paper inspection across 1500 research labs on campus, cutting processing time from days to hours while removing manual input tasks.

Richfords Fire & Flood Restoration: uses iFormBuilder to help with the recovery of business and home life following destructing events. They rely on the power of  API to pull and post data to their existing system, pre-populated forms, lookup tables, option lists and more to strengthen their processes.