Concern: Standardizing Surveys


International Development and Data Collection: Solutions in Action

Continuing in our coverage of this year’s Power User Summit, we wanted to take the time to share the way our team works with the International Development community to provide solutions that solve problems and make an impact around the world.

At the Summit, Patrick Moss, Digital Data Administrator for Concern Worldwide, took the stage to share the way Zerion’s Solutions have changed what the organization is able to accomplish.

What Concern Worldwide Does

The needs Concern Worldwide works to address and solve around the world are great. Headquartered in Ireland, the organization was founded nearly 50 years ago with the mission of providing humanitarian aid around the world. Whether this aid comes in the form of disaster recovery, food and healthcare, climate change reaction or something else, Concern has worked in 50 countries, and currently employs over 3,200 staff members in 26 countries around the globe.

To provide targeted aid, Concern relies on field workers who go into the field to listen to the needs of families and communities to identify problems and craft sustainable solutions. Without solid data collection, Concern’s mission could be hampered greatly.

The indicators and measurements used to sort and analyze responses are both quantitative and qualitative. Concern tries to standardize these across various countries to maximize learning, decrease unnecessary workloads and increase productivity, thereby accomplishing its mission.

In the past however, accomplishing these tasks were complicated by pen-and-paper-based data collection methods, that required extensive processing, manual input and more.

Using Zerion, Processes Began to Change

Toward the end of 2015, Concern Worldwide began working with Zerion’s iFormBuilder, with the goal of standardizing indicators and surveys.

Their needs for a solution included:

  •         User-friendliness.
  •         Low-risk of human error.
  •         No manual entry/re-entry.
  •         Offline capabilities.
  •         Secure storage.
  •         Option to sync data immediately for real-time reporting.

Because iFormBuilder offered this functionality, Concern moved forward. Over time, the organization began to work with Dataflow and Reports, increasing their ability to work with the data collected in the field.

The Process in Action

One of the greatest changes brought about by Zerion’s solutions, included the way data is collected through mobile forms.

When a field worker enters a home, a consent form is used as permission to proceed. Then, a second form identifies a family’s eligibility to take part in the survey. These questions must be worded properly, so scripts are included for field workers, to ensure consistency.

The information gathered is automatically sent to dashboards, providing easy-to-read results, filtering/searching capabilities, and simple reporting.

Using these solutions, Concern can not only track areas of need, but, whether specific initiatives are making a difference, or whether new plans should be put in place to move forward.

Concern Worldwide’s Take

As Patrick explains in the video above, Concern has moved away from paper data collection to digital collection.

The process has become more efficient than ever before. Features like built-in calculators and automation reduce overall workload and the time spent in Excel, allowing the organization to focus on what really matters.

We’re proud to work with Concern Worldwide, and to see the way their initiatives are changing the world.

International Aid and Development matters to Zerion. If you’re looking for a way to change the way your teams work in the field, to increase your effectiveness or to reduce duplicate efforts, we’d love to talk. Contact us today to learn more.