Refine How You Collect Data

Collect data on or off the grid with Data Collector.

Advanced Form Building

With more than 27 element types, powerful smart logic, and enhanced features like smart table search, users enjoy an environment where they can go beyond simple forms and build robust business applications.

Database Options

We know good data is precious; it’s everything to you and you want it in your hands as safe and as soon as possible. Not only is data security important to you and your organization, it’s a significant priority for customers and others involved in your project.

Unmatched Security

With a jail-break-safe native client, data encryption and optional dedicated database, Data Collector is the safest mobile data collection device anywhere. It’s no wonder HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 9001 compliant projects choose us.

Why Data Collector?

Go beyond forms by creating robust business applications with Data Collector. Discover the features you’ll need to make your business a leader in your industry.
Inspection form completed offline using iFormBuilder

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Ultra Disconnected

No Connection? No Problem. Data Collector allows data to be saved securely on the device until a connection and data sync is available. Say goodbye to being a slave to your wireless signal. Say hello to the freedom to collect data anywhere, anytime.

Powerful API

Using the API, enterprise customers are able to redefine how data flows through their organization. The options are unlimited with what can occur when your development team interacts with the API.

GPS + Location Information

Every record that is captured with Data Collector will contain metadata. The metadata includes: time and date stamp, user information, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and compass direction.

You’re In Good Company

Our customers help us identify the platform improvements they want to see, allowing us to make a tangible impact on the world.
Documenting potential impacts to wildlife, Dudek engineers often monitor each species of an animal spotted in an area, time, location, size, and behaviors in the habitat. This helps determine the viability of building a wind farm, solar plant, or any action that might impact an area. Over a seven-hour period, engineers may collect several items of information on over 100+ animal species; potentially accumulating thousands of points of data
We are proud to help ensure safety at any organization– non-profit, university, and beyond. It is encouraging to see this study as it supports the idea that safety is good business — for corporations, small companies, and organizations around the world. Emory University has embraced mobile data collection with stunning success. With 1500 research labs on campus, who carry out research with safety regulations related to dealing with biological, radiological or chemical hazards.