Common Questions

(and answers!)

What is a Mobile Data Collection Platform?

Data collection comes in many forms. Some companies rely on pen and paper to gather critical data, while others work with a digital solution of one kind or another. Some of these work on mobile devices, others require special devices.

When we refer to iFormBuilder as a mobile data collection platform, we mean our users can build forms and gather data using the mobile devices they already carry, iOS or Android.

What Data Collection Solutions does Zerion Software offer?

The Zerion Suite of products include multiple products, starting with our flagship iFormBuilder. Using our customized data solutions, users can build and modify forms, gather critical data, integrate with other softwares and hardwares, sort and analyze data post collection and view custom, real-time reports based on the data collected using iFormBuilder.

How does iFormBuilder compete with other form builders and data collection apps (ProntoForms, Jot Form, etc)?

We believe that our end-to-end functionality, flexible customer support and service offerings, integration capabilities and wide range of mobile data collection solutions and tools set us apart.

Is iFormBuilder the Best Form Builder software?

We like to think so, but don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our case studies to learn how large international companies, international aid and development organizations, small businesses and others use our products and services to improve operations and realize real benefits.

To learn more about iFormBuilder, and what sets it apart, start here.

How does iFormBuilder function as a Mobile Form Builder?

iFormBuilder allows teams to build custom mobile forms – for both iOS and Android devices – from scratch, using flexible, drag and drop functionality. Information and data can then be collected on or offline, on the devices field teams already carry. Additionally, solutions can be customized to automate post-collection processes and reporting, eliminating duplicate manual efforts and touchpoints, increasing the accuracy of information collected in the field and minimizing delays.

To learn more about how iFormBuilder functions as a mobile form builder, visit:

Does iFormBuilder allow for Data Hardware Integration?

iFormBuilder operates as a fully functional mobile form building and data collection solution, but, can be taken to the next level with data hardware integrations.  From agriculture hardware and GIS software to temperature probes and CRM systems and tools, iFormBuilder can be configured to integrate with a number of tools that may be relevant to your industry. Learn more on our integrations page.

Does Zerion Software provide Custom Development Solutions?


No company or organization has the same data-related needs as another. While our signature iFormBuilder can be used right away, as is, with a ready-to-use form library, our solutions can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs.

Whether you need to integrate with a specific software or hardware, set up a custom report or automated workflow, or something else, our support and engineering teams are available to create the solution that will be most effective for your specific needs.

Does Zerion Software provide Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for NGOs?

Yes. Zerion Software does provide monitoring and evaluation tools for NGOs.

Over time, a large number of NGOs have adopted iFormBuilder and other Zerion Software mobile data solutions to improve smooth M&E operations.

NGOs are in place to respond to national and international needs. Rapid need identification, mobilization and evaluation are absolutely critical, not only for reaching specific goals, but also for adhering to all relevant US and global regulations and policies.

iFormBuilder allows for numerous functions, including multi-language capabilities, offline data collection, BYOD technology and more, enabling teams around the world to gather critical information quickly while viewing information and reports in real-time.

Is iFormBuilder a White Labeling Software?

iFormBuilder can be white labeled to meet specific needs. Additionally, Zerion Software’s Partner Program is in place to enable businesses to combine their subject matter expertise and market knowledge with a trusted, market-leading mobile data collection solution, allowing them to unlock new opportunities without building an application from scratch.

Visit our Partner Program page today to learn more, then contact us. We’d love to share more.

What is Dataflow Automation, anyway?

Dataflow automation is a term we throw around a lot. Let’s explore.

Data, in its raw form, is only so possible. For it to be harnessed to its fullest capacity, to become as powerful as possible, it must be processed into something more. Traditionally, this has involved manual data entry, data sorting, analyzing and reporting, which is filled with delays and the potential for error.

Dataflow automation removes these hurdles by automating traditionally manual efforts like these, allowing data to be viewed in real-time through live, custom reports. Think of it as the most efficient way to take data from point A to point Z, no extra effort required.

iPad Data Collection Software: Does iFormBuilder Fit the Bill?

Yes. iFormBuilder can seamlessly be used across all iOS and Android devices, allowing teams to collect data on iPads and other Apple devices, as well as Android devices. iFormBuilder is encrypted for all systems, allowing for increased security for data collected.

How is iFormBuilder Different from Other Mobile Data Collection Software?

iFormBuilder allows for high levels of data collection, but that’s just the beginning. In addition to easy form building and modification, along with a Sandbox testing environment to monitor results following form changes, iFormBuilder can be customized to become an end-to-end data solution, allowing for automated data sorting and analyzing, real-time reporting, document creation, sharing and more. Working with the Zerion team allows for a level of customization and functionality that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Does iFormBuilder enable OSHA Compliance?

Yes. iFormBuilder is designed with regulatory compliance, including OSHA, in mind. With trust-no-one security features, optional dedicated databases, encryption (including encryption at rest) and other measures, teams can be sure their information is secure.

For OSHA compliance, teams can build and modify inspection and other forms and reporting processes to meet their specific OSHA regulation needs. Discuss your particular needs with our team to learn more.

Does iFormBuilder enable HIPAA Compliance?

Yes. iFormBuilder’s security measures and HIPAA-compliant cloud are designed to meet even the strictest regulations from a data security perspective, providing the maximum security measures currently available and peace of mind for those involved in the healthcare industry. Learn more about our maximum security measures, here:

Does iFormBuilder allow for Data Hardware Integration?

YES. We believe that integrations make each individual product more effective, saving time in the process! Visit our integrations page to learn about a few of the hardware integration options we offer. Don’t see a product you need? Talk to our team, we are always looking to increase our offerings.

Does iFormBuilder allow for Data Collection for Android?

YES. While iFormBuilder has been available with BYOD capabilities for both iOS and Android operating systems, iFormBuilder ES, our latest release, brings Android Encryption and other features to the table to increase compliance, reducing risk and keeping information more secure than ever before.