The need to collect new information is more important than ever before.

Teams and Essential Teams Are Moving Forward

If your team is facing new challenges while heading back to work, or, preparing for what that could look like as reopening begins to gain speed, the right mobile data solution is essential.

Whether your organization is small or large, increasing efficiency in the safest manner possible, while complying with new regulations is critical. You need your organization to operate, but at the same time, you need to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Zerion’s multi-layer approach and technology could help your team get up and running quickly.

We’re Here for You

Zerion would like to extend our support by offering form solutions built for teams facing new COVID-related needs.

We’ve created several forms that are ready to use, including:

Access COVID Forms.

Download a form package today with the proper tools for temperature/fever tracking, health questionnaires, CDC Case Report, Check-in/Check-out solution and more. If you have a specific need outside of these forms, let’s talk.

Download Package

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you have other specific needs, we would like to learn more and find a way to support your team. In addition to our free forms, we have created a new pricing structure to reduce barriers associated with introducing new technology.

Temperature Tracking and Bluetooth Thermometer Integrations Now Available!

Temperature tracking is an essential aspect of keeping your team safe, tracing contacts when exposure may have taken place, and moving forward in this new normal.

By integrating iFormBuilder with Bluetooth thermometers, you can track temperatures overtime, decrease false readings and/or temperatures tracked after the fact, and keep accurate records for when historical evidence is necessary.

To learn more about the specific thermometers available, and what a full-scale, integrated solution may look like — and do — for your team, fill out our form below!

Together is Better

We believe that when we all come together, we’re better. This is more true today than ever before.
If you are viewing this message as a current Zerion customer, and would like access to the forms mentioned here, please contact your CSM.
*Zerion Software does not consist of healthcare professionals and is not providing health information. Any data provided, based on recommendations from the CDC,

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