In just a few short weeks, the whole world changed. Chances are, your business or team has felt the impact. Suddenly, the need to collect new information is more important than ever before.

Teams and Essential Teams Are Moving Forward

If your team is heading back to work, or, preparing for what that could look like as reopening begins, the right solution is essential.

Whether your organization is small or large, allowing your workforce to safely return to work is the most important task right now. You need your organization to operate, but at the same time, you need to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Zerion’s multi-layer approach and technology could help your team get up and running quickly.

We’re Here for You

Zerion would like to extend our support by offering FREE iFormBuilder accounts and forms — including HIPAA-compliant environments when necessary — to those modifying operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak including businesses, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations and government responders. We’ve created forms that are ready to use, including:

Be Sure to Check Back Frequently, As We Will Continue to Add New Forms and Features Based on New Needs.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you have other specific needs, we would like to learn more and find a way to support your team. In addition to our free forms, we have created a new pricing structure to reduce barriers associated with introducing new technology.

Be a Part of the Solution.

We believe that feedback is absolutely essential for developing the tools our customers need. As such, we invite you to be a part of our Advisory Group. With your input, we can continue to increase our COVID-19 solutions.

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Together is Better

We believe that when we all come together, we’re better. This is more true today than ever before.
If you are viewing this message as a current Zerion customer, and would like access to the forms mentioned here, please contact your CSM.
*Offer valid through September 2020, with possible extension if conditions persist. Zerion Software does not consist of healthcare professionals and is not providing health information. Any data provided, based on recommendations from the CDC,