iFormBuilder Customers

Collecting data is more than just a job to our clients and partners: it’s the barometer for their progress and passions. We’re honored that these organizations have chosen iFormBuilder for their mobile data collection platform.

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Engineering & Natural Resources

[teaser]From planning, design, and permitting through construction, engineers must move projects forward through the complexities of regulatory compliance, budgetary and schedule constraints, and conflicting stakeholder’s interests. Engineers understand the importance of having the right data, whether they are cataloguing wildlife via Esri mapping, or measuring impact and recovery of rim-fires in the Northwest.[/teaser]
[fancy_box]“With iForm, we were able to get up and running without any prior experience or expertise in databases or applications.”
Kamarul Muri, Dudek Project Manager[/fancy_box]

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[divider_top] Health and Human Services

[teaser]Healthcare organizations face distinct challenges to ensure superior of care and patient satisfaction, while improving financial performance and delivering more value to their customers. The data-driven insights that iForm helps recover offer powerful analytics that help create solutions in healthcare quality, documentation, assessment, and beyond.[/teaser]
[fancy_box]iFormBuilder improved the security and integrity of the data collected as well as reducing the labor costs involved with manually collecting and assimilating data.”
Ryan Rensvold, Ecolab
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[divider_top] Aid and Development

[teaser]International Development Organizations work to make the world a better place, and take on issues like fresh water, world hunger, healthcare and climate change. As they champion these causes, they need to gather real-time data to monitor progress and evaluate if their own organization is succeeding in its mission as best it can. They must monitor the results and help find ways to address people?s needs, reinforcing their capacities and ability to influence.[/teaser] [fancy_box]“When you are in M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation), you love the word ‘results.’ iFormBuilder has helped streamline our data collection process, and allowed for realtime results information to come in, that we can quickly make evidence-based decisions for our programs.”
Carolyn Ramsdale, TetraTech ARD[/fancy_box]
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[divider_top] …And beyond.

[teaser]The ability to analyze and act on data is increasingly important to education, businesses, and government organizations. The pace of change requires organizations to be able to react quickly to changing demands from customers, clients, and environmental conditions. Decisions are increasingly complex, and managers may need to understand high volumes of data before they can make the necessary decisions. iFormBuilder is an effective business intelligence (BI) tool to assist managers with decision making. [/teaser] [fancy_box] iFormBuilder kept (the information) in one centralized location, and is so easy to use. It keeps our organization much more together.?
Brynn Coolidge, Burpee Seed Company
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