The Features You Need in Cloud-based Data Collection Apps for Mobile Devices

All iForm clients are offline capable — your data collection continues, even in remote areas where connectivity is an issue. When a connection is available, assignments can be created on the server and dispatched to your mobile workforce in real-time. With mobile dispatch, field workers can now receive assignments wherever they are and users can send acknowledgments back to the server. These features meet the needs and exceed the expectations of organizations that rely on cloud-based data collection software for mobile apps.

Best of all, our cloud-based data collection software for mobile devices integrates seamlessly with your existing structures. No extra steps. No complicated distribution. No additional user hurdles. There’s nothing to slow you down and plenty to improve your productivity.

iFormBuilder anticipates your unique needs and dispatches the functionality that enhances your workflow. With iFormBuilder, you can easily create work orders, task orders, or inspection forms. Assign orders and change assignments as necessary. It’s the perfect tool for your workflows. Contact us today about cloud-based data collection software for mobile devices.

Zerion Data Collection offers the most powerful and advanced mobile data collection forms for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Built with flexibility in mind, Zerion’s data collection platform is the most dynamic and powerful platform available. From the initial step of form building, you are in control of what data needs to be collected. The one-to-many relationship allows your field teams to capture as much information as necessary while keeping all of the information together.

Input Types: iFormBuilder offers over 40 form building elements including photo capture, barcode scanning, signature, gps, date and time stamps, iFormBuilder allows you to create forms that can transform how field teams work.

Logic and Calculation Engine: Make your forms dance by combining the iFormBuilder logic engine with the entire Javascript library to build powerful functionality including calculations, skip logic, business rules, smart option list, look up tables and much more.

Subforms: Create one-to-many relationships within forms or break large forms into smaller more manageable sections by using Subforms. iFormBuilder does not limit how deep or how many layers down subforms can go. Pass data between parent and child forms, aggregate calculations or use form validation to ensure quality data is captured from the field.

Localization: Form Localization makes it easy to support multi-lingual teams that need to collect data on the same forms. Localization works by specifying the language translations in the Localization page then based on the language on the user’s device, iForm will use the translations you define when a user’s device is set to that language setting.

Your data is important, and should be secure from the moment of input until it lands safely behind your firewall. That’s why Zerion Data Collection offers the most comprehensive set of security features in the industry.

Every record that is captured contains metadata. Eliminate any discrepancies on key information such as time and date, user information, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and compass direction.


A Dedicated Database option allows clients to have the peace of mind that their data is in a separate, dedicated database. Our goal with this product was to develop an app for offline data collection that anticipated the needs of users. That’s why it features enhanced workflow, flexibility, offline capabilities and the security that any organization would demand for its information in this digital age.

Key benefits include:

  • Data separated from main shared database farm
  • Dedicated iForm server connection URL
  • Outbound email server configuration
  • Directly connecting common reporting and process tools such as Excel, Crystal Report, MS-Access or SQLServer
  • Admin Portal branding (Optional)

Dedicated Database Details:

Our dedicated database offering provides users a separate MySQL instance running in the iFormBuilder cloud. You can conduct offline data collection form building, and your company will receive a dedicated URL to access your data and build your forms once you reconnect. All data, including form metadata, will be stored in this dedicated database.

iFormBuilder is built to never get between you and your data. It’s your data, do what you want with it, it’s your call.


Multiple Projects. Custom Branding. API Access and more.

The iFormBuilder Dedicated Database is the foundation for all enterprise deployments. The Dedicated Database includes:

  • Multiple Profiles: Set up separate profiles for each project, department or region and keep forms, data and users separated from other profiles.
  • Permissions and Management: Admins are able to manage users across multiple profiles, share forms from one profile to the next, provide API access and fully manage the organization’s deployment.
  • Access the Powerful API: Expand your use of the iFormBuilder API across multiple projects providing the ability for deep, bi-directional integration between iFormBuilder and your other systems and reporting tools.
  • Custom Branding: Brand the server to match your company and provide each profile the flexibility to modify colors and branding on the forms and device.
  • Private Email Address: You are able to setup your own custom email SMTP to send system emails from your company domain.

[teaser]Having a White Label platform offers companies, organizations, and agencies with the ability and flexibility to custom brand their front-end app for either internal distribution or for Certified Solution Providers. The app may be published via Google Play or the App Store.[/teaser]

With a White Label, the benefits far exceed the branding value to organizations. Our team has spent almost a decade building an award winning, industry leading mobile data collection platform and we simply are not in the business of creating competitors or business-in-a-box solutions to other groups. [divider]

Organizations with a Dedicated Database

Companies and organizations with a dedicated database can opt to have their own White Label solution. The White Label provides organizations a more efficient method to distribute the app to end users. The app is branded as their own and can be distributed via an MDM (Mobile Device Management) system, an internal website or through the iFormBuilder Admin Control Panel. Companies and organizations must maintain their own iOS Developer Enterprise Account.

Certified Solution Providers

iFormBuilder offers a program for industry leading organizations to leverage iFormBuilder as the front end mobile component to their solution. The solution is not general or simply offering mobile forms, but rather the Solution Provider offers a predefined end-to-end solution to a specific industry with deep integration between iFormBuilder and their backend reporting or workflow management systems. Solution Providers may resell or distribute the mobile app via the App Store, Google Play or through other private distribution channels. The Certified Solution Provider program is highly selective and requires prior approvals and validation of a solution prior to organizations enrolling. All Solution Providers are required to maintain their own iOS Developer Account to be able to publish their app to the App Store. The Certified Solution Provider Program requires an application process and requires a separate ASP agreement. [divider]

Benefits Beyond Branding

Sure, your organization wishes to put their best foot forward and maintain brand consistency for their field teams; however, the benefits of the White Label far exceed the colors and logos on the app:

  • Version Control: Your solution is mission critical to your organization and customer base. With the iFormBuilder White Label,  you are able to select when your app releases the latest version or new updates.
  • Easy Distribution: Distribute your app internally by bypassing the App Store or provide a link to your custom app on an internal website.  You can also manage your distribution via your corporate Mobile Device Management system.
  • Early Access To New Updates: Receive side door access to the latest developments of the iFormBuilder team and test or distribute the latest version before the new code goes live.
  • Preconfigure Your App Preferences:   Preset details like sync on start, delete on upload, server name and more to maintain consistent configurations across your organization.
  • Single Sign On Capabilities:    The White Label is the foundation for integrating SSO into your app for your organization.
  • Foundation For Custom Work:   The ability to integrate custom hardware, custom features and feature requests by bypassing the traditional iFormBuilder Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Get your feature enhancements built and deployed faster.

iFormBuilder White Label Service

While iFormBuilder provides an incredible opportunity for organizations to quickly and effectively build and deploy a White Label version of iFormBuilder, the process does require an expertise and an understanding of what is required to successfully publish to the App Store or maintain an enterprise app. At iFormBuilder, we have managed more than 50 apps  from creation through approval and managed all updates throughout the entire life-cycle. We know what it takes to bring apps to life.

iFormBuilder experts are available to assist with your white label deployment under the iFormBuilder Implementation Support rates of $500 for 4 hours.

You are responsible for:

  • Providing sign up for iOS developer account(s)
  • Supplying Client artwork and App Details to Zerion Software

Need control of your data? Host the Zerion Data Collection platform in your own environment, on premise, and behind your fire wall.

Cloud-Based Data Collection Software for iPhone

Many organizations need cloud-based data collection software for iPhone use that goes where they need it to go and scales reliably for projects of all sizes. iFormBuilder is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It offers compatibility with iPhone and iOS, as well as a variety of hardware and software. The result is a platform that offers the best way to collect data on an iPad, iPhone and other devices.

iFormBuilder fits seamlessly into your existing collection of tools. Your team members can quickly and easily learn how to use it. The iFormBuilder platform will quickly begin paying big dividends through enhanced efficiency, optimized workflow and improved productivity. For a variety of industry and uses, the versatile iFormBuilder platform provides exceptional custom data collection form apps for iPhone and other device users.

Designed With Users in Mind

iFormBuilder’s flexibility allows users to identify their ideal workflows. The goal is to offer cloud based data collection software for iPhone that makes work and life easier. That’s why the iFormBuilder platform features key benefits such as:

  • Flexibility: Use more than 27 distinct element types to create forms that meet your needs. No off-the-shelf product with rigid and limited form types will be able to achieve your unique objectives. With iFormBuilder, you get the flexibility you need.
  • Security: Working with proprietary of sensitive information? The iFormBuilder is setup as a jail-break-safe native client that encrypts data. Take advantage of optional dedicated databases for an additional layer of protection as you keep data safe and secure.
  • Integration: Use iFormBuilder in conjunction with your existing data collection tools. It’s compatible with GPS systems, temperature probes, barcode scanners and other hardware. It can communicate seamlessly with other software as you analyze, manipulate and distribute this information.
  • Offline Capability: The iFormBuilder platform goes where you need it to go, even to remote areas that lack connectivity. You can continue gathering information, even without reception or Internet access. The data syncs to the server as soon as you reconnect.

The iFormBuilder platform is always evolving, too. We welcome feedback from users, using this feedback to create updated versions that add new functions and fix bugs. As you continue using iFormBuilder as your cloud-based data collection software for iPhone use, its performance gets better and better, responding in real-time to the needs of users.

Form Building That Grows With You

Starting small with iFormBuilder? Don’t worry about future stability. This cloud-based data collection software for iPhone use offers stability as your collection of information grows. iFormBuilder offers the same seamless performance for a limited project as it does capturing and storing information for a large organization.

It’s this stability that makes it such an attractive product for organizations of all kinds. The iFormBuilder is like a trusted member of your team, a valuable resource that is always available to assist with collecting, storing and managing vitally important information and data.

Universal Mobile Data Collection App for Android

When you choose iFormBuilder, you get universal mobile data collection apps for Android. This platform scales for projects of all sizes, providing reliable and flexible performance that adds value to your team. Compatible with Android, as well as iPhone and iOS systems, the iFormBuilder also works well with your existing data collection tools — both hardware and software.

Easy to adopt and simple to use, the iFormBuilder platform is a cloud-based data collection software for Android that improves your workflow, boosting productivity and efficiency. Our customers use the iFormBuilder across a variety of industries, customizing its element types to deliver quality data collection form apps for Android and other systems.

A Partner for Creating Custom Forms on Android

Adding the iFormBuilder platform to your go-to tools for information gathering is like adding a valued member to your team, one that specializes in universal mobile data collection apps for Android. iFormBuilder emerged from a user-focused development process, resulting in specific benefits that added:

  • More Integration: Use the iFormBuilder platform in collaboration with your existing hardware and software. Temperature probes, GPS systems and other tools work seamlessly with the iForm app, giving you the opportunity to enhance your collection efficiency.
  • More Dependability: The data collection process often takes you into the great unknown, areas where cell phone reception and Internet access are spotty. The iFormBuilder platform works in zero connectivity environments, giving you the opportunity to continue working in remote areas. Once you reconnect, the data you’ve gathered automatically syncs to the server.
  • More Flexibility: You get to build forms that perfectly match your needs. Take advantage of over 27 distinct element types to design a data collection system that improves your workflow, productivity and efficiency.
  • More Security: Thanks to a jail-break-safe native client and data encryption, the information and data you gather always remains safe and secure. This is particularly important in industries that deal with sensitive or proprietary information.

Let us know how iFormBuilder works for you. We always welcome feedback, and we use it to make improvements in the platform. Updated versions of iFormBuilder respond to real-time needs, which means over time the iFormBuilder better serves users.

Scalable Support for Android

What do you need iFormBuilder to do? Not only does this platform offer custom form builder apps for Android and other devices, but it’s also designed to scale along with a project or organization. If you start small with data collection, know that iFormBuilder will provide stable and reliable performance even as the scope of your data collection increases rapidly.

You can always count on iFormBuilder to provide the data collection abilities that you want, offering custom forms and dependable accessibility even in low-connectivity environments. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf data collection solution that can’t give you what you need. Choose iFormBuilder and discover just how much more efficient your data collection projects can become.