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Discover how electric and utility teams across the country eliminate paper, mobilize field service teams, and access real-time reporting and analytics.

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The Efficiency Your Team Needs

GPS+Location Information

With specific metadata — including time, date, GPS coordinates and more — automatically recorded with each entry, your can address problem areas before they cause unnecessary downtime or major outages.

Flexible Forms

iFormBuilder allows users to create customized forms, collecting the data necessary to complete inspections while eliminating excess datapoints. Form building has never been easier — or more effective.

Offline Data Capture

A Wi-Fi connection isn’t always available, especially in the field. When your team is working in a remote location, they can depend on iFormBuilder’s offline data capture, allowing records collected in the field to sync automatically when a connection becomes available. No downtime, no delays.

Minimal Training

Minimal Training

Implementing a new program doesn’t have to be a pain point. Utilizing a simple interface, iFormBuilder requires minimal training, meaning your team can be up and running in no time.

Unmatched Security Features

Unmatched Security Features

When working with critical municipal information, security is critical. Zerion’s industry-leading “Trust-No-One” architecture means the data your team collects is safe, from collection to reporting.

Faster, More Comprehensive Inspections

Faster, More Comprehensive Inspections

Eliminating pen and paper data collection methods allows inspections to be faster and more comprehensive without the need for duplicate data entry efforts. The tools you need to inspect vehicles, substations and lines simply and efficiently are in your hands.


Substation Inspections

Perform routine Preventative Maintenance checklists and inspections at each of your substations on a mobile device, with or without an internet connection. Save countless hours for the field teams and office support staff by pushing the results of pole and substation inspections in real-time. Double entry and looking through sheets of paper are a thing of the past. Use this form template.

Vegetation Management

Quickly walk a right-of-way or drive down a highway and document obstructions, weather conditions and much more right from your phone or tablet. Cooperatives go paperless and transform how field service teams work. By eliminating paper, cooperatives gain immediate access to good data that is accurate and available to the entire organization. Use this form template.

Vehicle Inspections

Simplify inspecting your entire fleet before heading out to the field each day. Capture photos, report repairs and monitor maintenance directly from your mobile device. Ensure all work is performed properly and all location information is captured in real-time. Cooperatives now focus on the safety and quality of service to provide to their members. Use this form template.

Job Briefing

Clear communication between field inspectors, back office management and those responding to work orders is essential. Provide field teams with clear descriptions of issues identified during inspections, instructions for repair, and any other necessary information to ensure remediation. Use this form template.

Utility Pole Inspections

Utility pole inspections are critical for ensuring the safety and continuous supply of power to customer residences and businesses. Automate metadata collection, eliminating location errors and questions, create workflows when problems are identified, cut time related to manual data entry, and more. Use this form template.