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Quickly conduct inspections, update inventories, and capture
essential data with the iFormBuilder mobile platform.

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Seamless ArcGIS Integration

Mobile data mapping for agricultural field teams

Location, Location Location! Every record and subform record collected in iFormBuilder contains very valuable metadata including timestamp, latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed. Capture sophisticated data with the seamless integration between iFormBuilder and ArcGIS Online and Server.

Robust Form Building Capabilities

Mobile data collection for agricultural field teams

Why limit your data collection to flat forms and simple data entry? iFormBuilder provides the tools and features for sophisticated data collection. Relational tables, one-to-many or complex data structures? whatever you call them, iFormBuilder makes it easy to collect multi-layered data. Create one-of-a-kind comprehensive form building framework using simple Javascript commands, you can add skip logic, conditional elements and even interconnected forms and subforms.

Hardware & Software Integrations

dashboards and reports from realtime data

Scan, print and more seamlessly from the field with access to over 10 industry-leading software and hardware products to enhance data capture and quality. Scan barcodes using Mantee® or Infinite Peripheral devices. Improve GPS accuracy with Bluetooth devices like Dual, Badelf or XSBlue II devices. Capture temperature with the BlueTherm temperature probe or print iFormBuilder records directly to a Zebra printer. All seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Offline Capabilities

Offline Capabilities

We live in a connected world but how do you work on your device when an internet connection is not available? iFormBuilder is designed to work in fully connected environments, as well as, in ultra-disconnected worlds. Built as a native client, all data collected offline is stored locally and can be uploaded to the server when network connectivity is made available. Now you can collect data anywhere!

Powerful API For Data Integration

Powerful API For Data Integration

Add the power of data collection to your existing BI, CRM, EAM, ERP and Mapping platforms with iFormBuilder. Build your data in the way that makes the most sense for your business. iFormBuilder’s API Framework for data to be shared bidirectionally. Consume data into your existing business systems such as ArcGIS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SAP, Oracle, Klipfolio, SPSS, and many more. The flexibility you’ve been looking for has arrived.

Automated Metadata Collection

Automated Metadata Collection

Civil Engineering

For civil engineers, regardless of the specialty, accurate, timely inspections are critical. Using iFormBuilder, those performing inspections can minimize time in the field while increasing overall accuracy of the data gathered and resulting reports, all in a fully customized, BYOD environment.

Clinical Engineering

With features available to help you implement technology designed to optimize healthcare delivery, Zerion helps Clinical Engineers comply with government regulations, perform hospital inspections and audits, advise device producers and monitor the progression of changes to hospital procurement patterns with ease.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering has never been more relevant. Whether dealing with waste treatment, water or air purification or the remediation of contaminated sites, better decision making and plans of action begin with solid data. iFormBuilder allows your field teams to compile critical information in a flexible, integrative mobile environment.

Structural Engineering

Infrastructures – both domestic and abroad – are aging. Because of this, the need for structural design and analysis of bridges, towers, tunnels and other important structures has never been greater. iFormBuilder enables inspectors to perform inspections more inspections in less time, in a cost-effective, efficient manner. With numerous integration options, automated metadata collection, GIS functionality and more, structural engineers trust iFormBuilder to gather their most important data.