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Webinar Recording Overview

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016 iFormBuilder hosted a free 60 minute training session on ‘Smart’ form design. During this hour-long session, Berit Johannessen walked through what each section of smart controls (Dynamic Value, Conditional Value, Dynamic Label and Client Validation) are and how best to use them. She also covered the iFormBuilder built-in functions, reference ID’s and Subform aggregation. It was a fun, fast paced session in which a demo form showed many different ways to make a form smart! To assist you, Berit has attached the form package below so that you can import it in your own account to get a closer look!

The webinar is designed for members of the iFormBuilder community who are:

  • Form Builders who would like to start adding Smart Control functions within their form.
  • Form Builders who would like a refresher course on how to add Smart Controls.

Topics explored

  • What a ‘Smart’ form looks like
  • Best Practices for Form Building
  • Demo of a Form with a “Smart” workflow
  • Defaulting form fields



Training Resources

*For more resources on this course, please review the downloadable Slide Deck PDF for this webinar located under this list.  There are links to all of the topics that were discussed.

[button link=”https://www.iformbuilder.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Smart_Form_June_2016.pdf” size=”large” variation=”orange” align=”center”]Download Slide Deck[/button]

Form Resources

  • As promised, here is the Form Package used in the demo of Smart Controls. To view the forms in your iFormBuilder account, use the iFormBuilder Package Import.  Copy the JSON URL below and paste it in the Select from URL section of Package Import.[/one_half_last]


About the Presenter

Berit Johannessen

Berit Johannessen is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion Software. Her main goal at Zerion is to train individuals and organizations on how to deploy successful projects using the iFormBuilder Platform. Berit has earned her M.Ed and MSIT which has given her the skills and resources to train customers online or in-person. She is an avid reader, hammock swinger, concert goer and body boarding enthusiast. If you have any questions about this webinar,  she would love to hear from you! Email Berit at bjohannessen@zerionsoftware.com

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