Smart Data Solutions for Healthcare

Learn more about how healthcare related processes – from manufacturing to patient care – can improve using mobile data solutions designed to aid in compliance, drive patient satisfaction, standardize processes and increase efficiency.

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Patient Safety and Satisfaction at your Fingertips

Streamlined Patient Data Collection

Collect the information you need in a timely, efficient manner. Reduced manual data entry and duplicate efforts leaves time for what matters most: patient care.

Inspections and Tracking

Performing equipment inspections, effectively tracking equipment and monitoring calibration extends the useful life of that equipment while allowing staff to better respond to patient needs. With Zerion’s mobile data solutions, this is easier than ever.

Integration Options

Integration? No problem. Zerion’s end-to-end mobile data solutions provide numerous integration options to create the best possible solution for your individual needs.

Unmatched Security Features

Unmatched Security Features

Nothing requires a higher level of security than patient data. Zerion’s industry-leading “Trust-No-One” architecture means the data you collect is safe. It’s no wonder HIPAA-compliant organizations trust Zerion solutions.

Offline Data Capture

Offline Data Capture

No connection available? No problem. Seamlessly collect data on- or off-line using Zerion’s iFormBuilder.

Minimal Training

Minimal Training

Training shouldn’t be a hassle. Zerion’s Customer Success Team focuses on providing the training and support your team needs to get off the ground quickly.

Regulatory compliance, secure patient data and process improvement made simple.

streamlining clinical research with iFormBuilder

Clinical Research

From initial surveys and study participant recruitment to trials and beyond, the Zerion suite of products is the solution of choice for organizations looking to standardize research methods, decrease time to market and increase compliance. Driving results is easier than ever when the right data-related tools are in place from the start.

iFormBuilder mobile data collection for facility management

Facility Management

When it comes to facility management, patient experiences and improved outcomes are top priorities. Using mobile data solutions, your facility can perform inspections with ease, enhance sanitation procedures, track equipment, expand offerings and ensure regulatory compliance at all times.

umbrella of home healthcare

Home Healthcare

The demand for in-home healthcare has increased exponentially over the last few years. Meeting that demand efficiently has posed a challenge. Using Zerion’s mobile data solutions, your team can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes through standardized processes and data collection processes, ensure the security of patient data and maximize the time providers spend with patients.

clinical safety and compliance

Clinical Engineering

With features available to help you implement technology designed to optimize healthcare delivery, Zerion helps Clinical Engineers comply with government regulations, perform hospital inspections and audits, advise device producers and monitor the progression of changes to hospital procurement patterns with ease.

medical manufacturing with mobile data collection


Adaptability, faster times to market and regulatory compliance and adherence to constantly changing standards don’t have to be insurmountable challenges. By working with a process designed for medical manufacturing teams, you can focus on what matters most: innovation, efficient operations, and product delivery.