Proactive, Comprehensive Inspections with iFormBuilder

Reduce time in the field while enabling real-time reports. Better inspections start with iFormBuilder.

Inspections Keep Your Team Running: Why Not Simplify the Process?

From initial — customized — form creation to field inspections to final reporting, iFormBuilder allows field inspectors to streamline processes, decrease duplicate manual data entries and efforts, collect GIS and other metadata automatically and work on or off the grid, increasing both accuracy and efficiency.

When smart fields and integrations are utilized, teams can:

  • Include photos in standard inspections.
  • Create work orders based on inspection findings.
  • Provide real-time inspection reports and results for decision-makers.
  • Cut standard inspection times by 66% or more.

And so much more.

Organizations around the world utilize iFormBuilder for inspections ranging from manhole covers and substations to fleets, medical facility equipment and sanitation processes. Proactive process improvement starts with better inspections.

To learn more about how teams use iFormBuilder to complete inspections, start a chat with a team member, today!