Work Order Management: Streamlined, Efficient Processes

Create, assign, complete and report on work orders in one place: work order management with iFormBuilder.

Looking for a plug-and-play work order management system to improve current processes while streamlining hurdles in work order creation, fulfillment and reporting?

Look no further.

The iFormBuilder Work Order Management solution is perfect for groups looking to simplify otherwise tedious processes that cause far too many headaches and delays.

This solutions allows groups to create and manage work orders from computers and mobile devices, allowing jobs to be dispatched to field team workers to complete tasks efficiently and on time. As work is completed and work orders are updated, reports can be sent out to predesignated parties.

Learn more about the only Work Order Management solution you truly need, today.

Track and Manage Work Orders — View all open work orders and their statuses. This includes:

  • Date and time work order was created
  • Date and time work order is due
  • Tasks and jobs to be performed
  • Current progress
  • History
  • Responsible parties
  • High-level analytics

Create Work Orders — Work orders can be created and logged to create specific tasks. They can be created by:

  • Uploading from a file (Excel, CSV, etc.)
  • Connecting to an ERP System/Integration (SQL Server, SAP, etc.)
  • Through a form embedded in a website
  • Through an iFormBuilder form submission

Assign Work Orders — After work orders are created, they can be assigned out for completion through:

  • Individual assignments
  • Individuals claiming available assignments
  • Requests via form submission

Complete Work Orders — Using a mobile device or web form, field workers can document progress through notes, photos and more, demonstrating completion and providing status updates.

Send Reports — After completion, automated reports and notifications can be sent to responsible parties and stakeholders through:

  • Email reports
  • Invoices
  • Dashboards, and more

Work Order Management in Action with iFormBuilder: