iFormBuilder Features

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Offline Data Collection

The iFormBuilder app works in a totally disconnected environment. When you return to connection, sync up your data with ease.

Business Rules and Conditional Logic

Show and hide elements based upon customized conditions.


Implement calculations directly in your forms.

iOS, Android and Web

Use your forms on any mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

Multi-Level Forms

Simplify data collection using subforms to create layers without added confusion.

Lookup Tables

Return previously collected data directly into the form to look up things such as customer details, or any other historic or reference data.

Online Forms

Build forms online, using a desktop device, that can be used to collect data on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Dispatch Jobs

Dispatch jobs using iFormBuilder’s work order management functionality, eliminating confusion and driving more efficiency in the field. Pair it with Web Map View for additional benefits!  

Web Map View

Dispatch records from the map by drawing a Polygon around a set of points and assigning them out to users in the field, view assigned records by user, and review data.

Barcode Scanning

Integrate with barcode and RFID scanning tools to enable scanning within your forms.

Signature Capture

Capture signatures within your forms, using Android and iOS mobile devices.

Photos and Annotation

Capture photos inside forms, without the need for opening a new tool or uploading post collection.

Hardware Integrations

Integrate with external hardware including temperature readers, barcode scanners, mobile printers and more.

Powerful API

Enterprise customers are able to redefine how data flows through their organization by interacting with the API.


Use webhooks to seamlessly pass data between applications and view insights in real time.

Field-Level Encryption

Industry-leading security on the mobile app with available field-level encryption.

View and Manage Data Online

Access your data online, perform filters, export reports and more in our admin portal.

Access Data in a Variety of Formats

Excel, JSON, XML, and many more

Inventory Tracking

Track and manage inventory with ease, using iFormBuilder’s features.