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Anyone can collect data. Why not make it do more?

An Element for Every Need

Customize your forms with over 35 different elements. Create lists, annotate photos, record GPS, and more.

Collect Data Offline

No connection? No problem. Download your forms and collect data anywhere. Data is synced when you’re back in coverage.

Enterprise API

Work faster and smarter, building custom integrations for data processing, connecting with other applications, and automatically managing your iFormBuilder account.

Unleash the Power of JavaScript

Push the boundaries of mobile data collection with JavaScript-enabled formulas, skip logic, and data validation. The only limit is your imagination!

Unmatched Security

Protect your data with device passwords, encryption, and private environments. iFormBuilder supports GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 9001 project needs.

More than Just Software

There’s no substitute for experience. We have over a decade of experience working belly-to-belly to help teams of all sizes reach their enterprise goals.

Data Solutions for Many Industries

More than Data Collection

Zerion’s signature platform, iFormBuilder, is the starting point for teams looking to solve enterprise-related field problems relating to inspections, work order management and asset management.

More than a single solution, iFormBuilder — backed by the Zerion team — provides continual value with optional service and support plans designed to help you focus on what matters most.

Want to learn what different could look like in action for your team? Ready to harness the power of better data, from collection forward? Sign up for a free iFormBuilder trial, today.

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Dudek Environmental

Environmental Engineering

Frank Dudek speaking on iFormBuilder

Emory University

Health and Biosafety Audits

Chemical waste audit at Emory