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Webinar Recording Overview

Penny Lau, an iFormBuilder Solution Engineer based in Hong Kong delivers this Special Topics webinar on customer solutions. Penny has two- years of experience in tailoring iFormBuilder to suit customers’ needs as well as working as a support agent in Asia Pacific. With enhanced ability of integrating 3rd party services in iFormBuilder, we can now extend the functionalities of the platform beyond itself. Penny shared solutions by integrating iFormBuilder with 3rd party services.

The webinar is designed for members of the iFormBuilder community who are:

  • Interested in learning about customer solutions.
  • Wanting to get started integrating iFormBuilder data with other systems.

Topics explored:

  • Multiple custom solutions including an Instant Reporting Solution using Google docs.
  • How to add features to iFormBuilder by integrating 3rd party apps.
  • New Releases in iFormBuilder.
  • Q&A[/one_half]


Training Resources

*For more resources on this course, please review the corresponding Training Slide Deck PDF for this webinar located under this list.  There are links to all of the topics that were discussed and more!

Webinar Script Examples

  • Google Sheet Configurations (Link in article)
  • Google Doc Configurations
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About the Presenter

Penny Lau is a Solutions Engineer based out of Zerion Software’s Hong Kong office and is an iFormBuilder Support Champion. She is an avid classical-fiction reader, scuba diver, Saki lover, and skydiving adventurer. If you have any questions about iFormBuilder, she would be happy to help! Email Penny at plau@zerionsoftware.com.

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