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On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 iFormBuilder hosted a free 60 minute training session on the iFormBuilder Essentials for Project Managers. The iFormBuilder Platform is constantly evolving. Project Managers require more from the iFormBuilder platform and require a deeper understanding to make their projects run efficiently. By leveraging the iFormBuilder team’s experience with project deployments, we have identified areas in which teams are not utilizing the iFormBuilder platform to full capacity, thus spending more time, money, and resources. By addressing these areas and educating Project Managers, Program Leaders, Company Admins, Form Builders, and Data Analysts, projects can get up and running more effectively and efficiently.

The iFormBuilder Essentials for Project Managers session reveals the steps needed to maximize time, productivity, management, data, participants, and forms using the iFormBuilder Platform.

The webinar was designed for iFormBuilder community members who are:

  • Anyone new to the iFormBuilder platform.
  • iFormBuilder Project Managers, Program Leaders, Company Admins, Form Builders, and Data Analysts.
  • All iFormBuilder Users!

Topics Explored

  • iFormBuilder Project Manager Checklist
  • How to increase productivity
  • Recent Releases


Training Resources

*For more resources on this course, please review the corresponding Training Slide Deck PDF for this webinar located under this list.  There are links to all of the topics that were discussed and more!

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About the Presenter

Berit Johannessen

Berit Johannessen is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion Software. Her main goal at Zerion is to train individuals and organizations on how to deploy successful projects using the iFormBuilder Platform. Berit has earned her M.Ed and MSIT which has given her the skills and resources to train customers online or in-person. She is an avid reader, hammock swinger, concert goer and body boarding enthusiast. If you have any questions about this webinar,  she would love to hear from you! Email Berit at bjohannessen@zerionsoftware.com

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