Get all of the features your business needs.

Advanced Form Building

The iFormBuilder platform offers the most powerful and advanced mobile data collection forms for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Unmatched Security

Your data is important, and should be secure from the moment of input until it lands safely behind your firewall.

Ultra Disconnected

Some may say we live in a connect world. But, what happens when your field team doesn’t have a connection?

Database Option

We know good data is precious; it’s everything to you and you want it in your hands as safe and as soon as possible.

Powerful API

With the iFormBuilder API, enterprise customers are able to redefine how data flows through their organization.

GPS and Location Information

Every record that is captured with iFormBuilder will contain metadata.

Admin Control Panel

Server Admins and Company Admins have the ability to build forms and fully manage their accounts.

Software/Hardware Integration

We’re always looking to work with the best software providers to enhance the iFormBuilder mobile platform for our users.

White Label

The iFormBuilder White Label Program offers companies, organizations and agencies with the ability and flexibility to custom brand the iForm App for either internal distribution or for Certified Solution Providers.


When you choose iFormBuilder, you get universal mobile data collection apps for Android.


Many organizations need cloud-based data collection software for iPhone use that goes where they need it to go and scales reliably for projects of all sizes.


Setup webhooks on forms of your choice to automatically have JSON or XML data sent to other systems or web services.