Manage your data with integrations!

These integrations can be configured to reliably and efficiently meet your needs.


Send data to your Salesforce CRM to create cases, tasks, new accounts and so much more.


Work with one of 1000s of Integrations using Zapier


Automatically send emails to addresses of your choice directly upon a form submission.

ArcGIS Online

Visualize your data on a map using our ArcGIS online integration. Create or Update features on your maps.


Photos, drawings, signatures, and more can now be stored in Box.


Utilize ThermoWorks Temperature reading tools to automatically populate real-time temperatures into your form.


Store all of your collected media such as photos, drawings, signatures, and audio recordings from iFormBuilder directly into Dropbox.


Integrate data with Slack to effectively communicate realtime information into Slack Channels.


Using Webhooks data can be sent to any endpoint on the web to integration with 3rd party applications.


Create new tickets based on inspections and collected data.

Zebra Printer

Print out form submissions directly to your Zebra printer using default or custom formats.

Google Docs

Create a custom Google document using data from your iFormBuilder form. Store this document in Google Drive or email out to stakeholders.

Socket Scanner

Use a handheld socket scanner to easily scan barcodes quickly and writing all data directly into the app.


Populate a custom document with iFormBuilder data. Use Fillable PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Build your own document.

Zoho Reports

Easily connect data and write directly to Zoho Reports Tables to update your live reporting views and dashboards.

SQL Server

Use your existing SQL Server database to store data from iFormBuilder data tables. Create New Rows, Update existing data and much more with our SQL Server integration.

Google Sheets

Populate data directly into your existing Google spreadsheets to get real-time information fed from iFormBuilder.


Using your built-in camera on your iOS or Android device quickly and easily scan all types of barcodes, parse driver’s license information, and so much more!

Linea Pro

Using the Linea Pro you can scan barcodes or swipe magstripes while sending all that information into your iOS Device

Need a different integration? Submit a request to our Customer Success team!