Welcome International Development and Relief and NGO Professionals!

In March 2014, iFormBuilder hosted the International Development and Relief Summit. By gathering a group of dedicated iFormBuilder power users, big ideas spread and fruitful conversation occurred. NGO’s and International Development & Research groups have seen incredible return on their investment, impacted more communities with less resources, scaled their services across continents, and streamlined their Monitoring and Evaluation process, resulting in incredible amounts of saved time and resources for the organization.

The videos below showcase the highlights of the event and show the keynote presentations that were delivered from this previous years event.

[pullquote2]Presentation Title – CRS? Standard Monitoring and Evaluation System [/pullquote2]

Presenter: Or Dashevsky

CRS recently launched its 2013-2018 strategy and is working hard to move the process forward toward an agency-wide rollout. In the new strategy, it identified MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning) with ICT4D as core competencies that help to the organization to reach its objectives. To increase efficiency and effectiveness in MEAL, CRS? East Africa Regional Office (EARO) also has introduced ICT hardware and software solutions to support M&E data collection, analysis, and reporting for a number of CRS country programs in the region.

The data collection rollout in this system has taken place in two of Ethiopia?s DFAP (Development Food Aid Program) project districts. This presentation will provide overview of current and future roadmap for M&E System and discussing the lessons learned from mobile data collected on these project areas.

[pullquote2]Presentation Title: Data Collection and Electronic Solutions in a Disconnected World – Biorisk Reduction in Low Resource Environments [/pullquote2]

Presenters: Ms. Patricia Olinger & Jim Welsh

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of State, Biosecurity Engagement Program, embarked on several projects to demonstrate how biorisk reduction can be achieved in low-resource environments through administrative controls and alternatives to expensive primary and secondary containment, in a sustainable fashion.  One challenge that the project team leaders faced is the continual need to gather data from the field to analyze on an ongoing basis.  Whether you are in a disconnected area of Sub-Saharan Africa or in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, today?s technology allows projects and institutions to gather information quickly and in a much more sustainable fashion.  This talk will discuss the use of technology and the tools that are readily available for data gathering, data management, and staying connected to the field teams.

[pullquote2]Presentation Title: Increasing Capacity, Results, and Learning through iFormBuilder[/pullquote2]



Presenters: Carolyn Ramsdell, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and Emiko Guthe Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Tetra Tech uses iFormBuilder for multiple purposes across eleven countries. The team continues to expand its use of the platform as a learning tool for building local staff capacity and increasing U.S.-based insight into project performance.  This presentation reviews how Tetra Tech projects have been using iFormBuilder for various innovative uses, including project Monitoring and Evaluation, mapping, and remote project oversight.  The presenters are both experienced field implementers and will share some challenges and lessons learned along the way while sparking a discussion among participants.

[pullquote2]iFormBuilder ThunderPlug: Collecting Data In the Ultra Disconnected World[/pullquote2]

Presenter: Tony Ruth, Director of Product Development, Zerion Software

Mobile data collection in ultra-disconnected environments is easy with the iFormBuilder ThunderPlug®. The ThunderPlug® is a palm-sized device running the iFormBuilder Server allowing enterprise customers to have field teams capture data, sync data and manage data all while off the grid. Tony Ruth walks through the practical applications and use cases of the iFormBuilder ThunderPlug. A detailed demonstration shows how the ThunderPlug is being used throughout the world.

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