Safety Audits for the Rail Industry

Decrease labor costs and increase efficiency with
iRailSafety, brought to you by iFormBuilder.

Customized, Flexible, Efficient Safety Audits
for the Rail Industry

An Element for Every Need

Customize your audit forms with over 35 different elements. Create lists, annotate photos, record GPS, and more.

Collect Data Offline

No connection? No problem. Download your forms and collect safety info and data anywhere. Data is synced when you connect.

Enterprise API

Work faster and smarter, building custom integrations with the systems you already use every day. No need to start from scratch.

Unleash the Power of JavaScript

Push the boundaries of mobile data collection with JavaScript-enabled formulas, skip logic, and data validation. Solve your biggest hurdles.

Unmatched Security

Protect your data with device passwords, encryption, and private environments. iRailSafety supports GDPR, OSHA, FRA and other project needs.

More than Just Software

There’s no substitute for experience. Our team has over a decade of experience helping teams of all sizes reach their enterprise goals.

Data Solutions for Rail Organizations and Professionals

Decrease Risk

Decrease Risk

Perform field safety audits with ease with the help of custom elements, on or offline functionality, and more.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Cut the time spent collecting data for safety audits, other inspections, and post-processing by up to 75%.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

From Bring Your Own Device technology to reduced time spent on inspections, teams save up to $30k/employee.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate Seamlessly

iRailSafety integrates with the systems and tools you already rely on. Endless, secure, options for maximum impact.

Data Collection for Your Team’s Needs: Our Approach

Zerion’s signature platform, iFormBuilder, has been trusted by teams around the world for over a decade. Recently, we noticed a trend: an entire industry — the rail industry — began to adopt the solution for safety audits and inspections. We realized it was time to release a product just for them, which led to iRailSafety.

More than a single solution, iRailSafety — backed by the Zerion team — provides continual value with optional service and support plans designed to help you focus on what matters most. Most importantly, the solution can be customized to integrate with the tools your team already relies on, taking the power of your data to the next level.

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