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What the 6th Man Mentality Means for Your Team

Here at Zerion, we talk a lot about the 6th man. It’s how we see our team – the way we provide services to our clients and the way we design our solutions to function.

Your IT team likely operates largely in-house. Your department keeps daily operations running smoothly while searching for technological solutions that aid in key business endeavors and efforts while providing the support necessary to keep them operating effectively.

But teams that go above and beyond? They often have a 6th man. A team on hand to pick up where there’s need, while the in-house team focuses on what matters most. Like in sports, a 6th man in IT isn’t just desirable, it’s a sign of excellence. Teams with a 6th man stand out from the rest.

Does your team have a 6th man?
An edge that sets you apart from the competition without stepping on the toes of your existing team?

We’re Here to Make It Happen

When we, here at Zerion, work with our customers, we like to consider ourselves the 6th man. We believe that when the right tools, support and services are available, businesses looking to go to the next level can start to accomplish goals that may have seemed impossible in the past.

We believe in reimagining technology, answering the “what-if…” questions and customizing solutions that increase operational efficiency, provide tangible functionality and decrease manual or repetitive actions.

We do it all with our customers and their goals in mind. By working with Zerion, your team could have access to a 6th man in the form of an entire support team, working tirelessly to help you accomplish your goals, make better decisions and grow in a targeted manner that makes sense for your business.

Regardless of your industry, we’d love to discuss how the impossible could be possible, and how we could work together to help you achieve it.

Ready to find your competitive edge that can only come in the form of a 6th man? Let’s get started.

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