Powerful Data Tools. Improved Operations.

In manufacturing, processes are everything. To bring effective, successful tools, products and equipment to market, there’s no room for errors and delays. The solution? Customized mobile data solutions that allow your team to focus on what matters most.

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William Frick & Company

Improve Procedures from Beginning to End

Custom Form Building

streamlined patient data collection with iFormBuilder

With over 27 element types, powerful smart logic and enhanced features, your manufacturing team can enjoy an environment that works the way they do, with the features necessary for smooth operations, from research to product delivery and beyond.

Trust-No-One Security

Mobile data mapping for agricultural field teams

iFormBuilder’s Trust-No-One security means that only those with need for secure data have access to it. Rest assured that your most important information is safe.

Offline Data Capture

Analytics and reporting for agricultural teams

A connection isn’t always available. This doesn’t have to prevent mobile data collection in the field or laboratory. Regardless of location, your team can gather critical information with the option to sync data collected offline when a connection becomes available.

Database Options

Research, process and other data is precious and regularly changes. iFormBuilder comes with multiple database options to track critical data while maintaining security and confidentiality.

Endless Integration Options

Integration? No problem. Zerion’s end-to-end mobile data solutions provide numerous options to create the best possible solution for your individual needs.

Minimal Training

Training shouldn’t be a hassle. Zerion’s Customer Success Team focuses on providing the training and support your team needs to get off the ground quickly.

Ensuring Optimal Functionality At All Times

Process Tracking and Modification

Using iFormBuider to gather information and monitor trends, you can track various stages of the manufacturing process on each of your products, identify problematic trends and modify when necessary. By looking at the bigger picture, you can ensure optimal functionality at all times.

Standardized Results and Outcomes

The manufacturing process is filled with inspections and other critical data points. When too many variables are in place, final results can be skewed. Using iFormBuilder, your processes can be standardized, regardless of user or time, eliminating missed datapoints and ensuring the most critical data is collected every time.

Reduced Time to Market

Time costs money. This is especially true for manufacturers. Using a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile data solution, you can cut time delivery time, saving manufacturing costs in the long run.

Integrations for Improved Functionality

Already using software, tools and other technology to carry out regular processes? iFormBuilder can integrate with those solutions leading to streamlined, more efficient operations.

Efficiency from R&D to Final Delivery

Without a solid foundation, built on accurate research, testing and design, moving forward in bringing a product to market can be challenging at best. When this research takes place in multiple locations, or with a large team, consolidating information into a format that enhances decision making, the right mobile data collection and reporting solution is essential. Drive better final products, starting with better data.