Introducing Public Links

Public Links have arrived! Our latest feature enables iFormBuilder customers — both existing and new — to access Webforms for data collection without a username and/or password. Keep reading to learn more.

Make Data Collection Work for Your Team’s Specific Needs

Allow data to be collected by non-iFormBuilder users (i.e., the public).

Perfect for groups who rely on a regularly-changing workforce.

Take surveys to the next level: with all the capabilities of Webforms.

Affordable and straightforward: with support from the team you already trust.

Put simply, Public Links make Webforms accessible to data collectors without requiring them to have a username and/or password. This is achieved by creating a link to a particular form that allows data collectors with the link to access Webforms through his or her computer and collect records. We see this as a great way to improve existing workflows or expand your use cases.

*Note: currently, Public Links are only available using Webforms, not through the iFormBuilder iOS or Android apps.

For more information, check out our documentation.

Reasonable Pricing Options:

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