Zerion Security Center

The Zerion Security Center provides information related to Zerion’s security and privacy policies.

Zerion’s Security Policy

Zerion Software takes a detailed approach when it comes to security. We strive to improve our security posture continually so our customer’s assets and data are secure, whether it is on mobile devices or the web server.  We regularly conduct both internal and external reviews of our security mechanisms, giving us insight into current best practices, and information on the latest known security vulnerabilities. We also go above standard protocols, using our Trust-No-One workflow architecture. Learn More

Customer Data Privacy

Customer privacy and data security is one of Zerion Software’s top priorities. Specific measures are in place to maintain privacy and security at all times. Customers may modify and change settings to ensure solutions work at an optimal level for their specific needs. Zerion Solutions has limited, audited access to identifiable information in any customer database for any reason, including customer support or troubleshooting.

Zerion’s Security Team

Sze Wong — CEO

Sze is the CEO at Zerion Software. He is a developer, a workaholic and, most importantly, a father of two. He is a little crazy at times and sometimes he will do things that seem to make no sense at all. Sze is most relaxed when he is working and gets stressed out when he is on vacations. 

Woody Amornkul — Executive Software Architect

Woody is the Executive Software Architect at Zerion Software. He focuses on future product development and adoption of new technologies with an interest in the Mean stack development and Big Data. Woody’s passion is driven by challenges in solving development issues and innovations. He is a proud father of two, avid basketball fan, and car fanatic.

Amol Kedar — VP of Engineering

Amol is the Vice President of Engineering at Zerion. He is responsible for ensuring the company continues to scale and innovate with products and services. Amol has directed many of Zerion’s initiatives to develop the state-of-the-art software infrastructure. Outside of work, he enjoys playing squash, guitar, and seeks thrill in hiking.

Antonio Kang — Lead DevOps

Antonio supports Zerion’s IT-Infrastructure as the lead of the DevOps team. His primary responsibilities involve hardening core infrastructure to reduce the attack surface on various levels. If you have any infrastructure-related inquiries you can contact infrastructure@zerionsoftware.com.

Joe Vetoe — Enterprise Support Manager

Joe is an Enterprise Support Manager by day, a dad by night (and most mornings), and pretty lazy on the weekends. He loves customers big and small and his main goal is to help them succeed. He is a movie lover, a drawer of drawings and a skilled Super Mario Bros. 3 player.

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