Our Leadership Team

We believe in our people. It’s our people with an aligned purpose that makes our products so great. Purpose drives great products. Our team enjoys a challenging, open, collaborative work environment. You’ll notice that each member of the Zerion team brings a unique perspective to the team, but our core values are the steel thread of who we are and what we do.
Photo of Sze Wong

Sze Wong


Sze Wong is the CEO at Zerion Software. He is a developer, a workaholic and, most importantly, a father of two. He is a little crazy at times and sometimes he will do things that seem to make no sense at all. Sze is most relaxed when he is working and gets stressed out when he is on vacations.

Photo of Amol Kedar

Amol Kedar

VP of Engineering

As Zerion Software’s VP of Engineering, Amol Kedar is responsible for ensuring the company continues to scale and innovate with products and services. He has directed many of Zerion’s initiatives to develop the state-of-the-art software infrastructure. Outside of work, Amol enjoys playing squash, guitar, and seeks thrill in hiking.

Photo of Tony Ruth

Tony Ruth

VP of Operations

As VP of Operations, Tony Ruth enjoys being challenged, and has a natural curiosity that constantly leads him in new directions. His background is in business but has a love for technology and all things mobile. Outside of work Tony loves being outdoors with his three dogs, snowboarding, playing paintball, and breaking (then fixing) cars.

Photo of Woody Amornkul

Woody Amornkul

Executive Software Architect

Woody Amornkul is the Executive Software Architect at Zerion Software. He focuses on future product development and adoption of new technologies with an interest in the Mean stack development and Big Data. Woody’s passion is driven by challenges in solving development issues and innovations. He is a proud father of two, avid basketball fan, and car fanatic.

Photo of Or Dashevsky

Or Dashevsky

Chief Solutions Architect

Or Dashevsky is the Chief Solutions Architect at Zerion. He enjoys flying airplanes, sky diving, and traveling around the world. He is strong believer that technology is enabler to improve how we do our work and improving efficiency.