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iFormBuilder hosted its annual Power User Summit in May 2015. Big ideas spread and fruitful conversation occurred by gathering a group of dedicated iFormBuilder power users. Customers and partners from as far as Washington State and as close as the Greater DC area spent the day brainstorming with and learning from one another. The videos below showcase the highlights of the 2015 iFormBuilder User Summit.

[pullquote2]Presentation Title – Gate Gourmet’s Use of iFormBuilder for Food Monitoring [/pullquote2]

Presenter: Al Rude, Gate Gourmet

In this presentation, Al will review how the iFormBuilder platform has evolved from its early years as an IT ?skunkworks? project into a globally accepted enterprise level platform being used today in over 18 countries and 100 Gate locations. As part of this, Al will review how Gate has matured with the product, its flexibility, broad appeal, and future as an integrated part of Gate global ERP platform.

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[pullquote2]Presentation Title: Saving Time and Money with iFormBuilder [/pullquote2]

Presenter: Connor Henwood, RJN Group

This presentation will explore how the iFormBuilder platform impacted the way RJN Group simultaneously transfers data from the field to the office. The money- and time-saving changes have made a big impact on production as well as deliverables to the client. Explore how we take data collected in the field straight to GIS, through the API connections that are available through the iFormBuilder Platform.

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[pullquote2]Presentation Title: CCC: Using iFormBuilder, Google, and Slack to Collect, Connect, and Collaborate[/pullquote2]

Presenter: Dawson Roark, InnovaPad

Discover apps and tools that have helped the InnovaPad team transform their workspace and workflows. Tools like iFormBuilder, Slack, and Goggle Drive have enabled teams to collect, connect, and collaborate in ways they haven’t been able to do before.

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[pullquote2]Presentation Title: Axalta Mobile Project[/pullquote2]

Presenter: Doug Poole, Axalta Coating Systems

Discover how the Axalta Coating Systems team has integrated iFormBuilder in their projects.

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[pullquote2]Presentation Title: 0-60 in 2.5 years ? A rapid deployment model for mobile devices and iFormBuilder at Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW)[/pullquote2]

Presenter: Jake Shapley, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) team of developers has embarked on a mission: to convert 60 paper forms to electronic versions with iFormBuilder over two and a half years; all within a bureaucracy-heavy, enterprise-level, government agency. The WDFW Fish Program operates the largest hatchery system in the world and cooperatively manages the most valuable fisheries on the planet. Approaching the end of their first year, this presentation covers where they are, what they’ve learned, and where they’re headed.

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[pullquote2]Presentation Title: R&K Solutions and iFormBuilder[/pullquote2]

Presenter: Michael Nichols, R&K Solutions

This presentation will explore how R&K solutions consumes an XML Data Feed from iFormBuilder to create a GroRPM schema, imports data into GoRPM, and visualizes, analyzes, and reports on the gathered data.

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