Smart Water with Smart Technology

Learn more about how water collection system inspections can be more efficient and less expensive – eliminating paperwork flows – using mobile data solutions designed for field inspectors and service teams

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Remain Competitive and Proactive as a Water Engineer

Safety and Compliance Made Simple

Mobile data collection for agricultural field teams

Safety checks and OSHA, EPA and local government compliance don’t need to be a challenge. Using Zerion’s solutions, you can perform regular checks, create reports and meet specific standards without extra manual effort.

More Comprehensive Inspections

dashboards and reports from realtime data

Eliminate pen and paper data collection methods and autofill custom datapoints. Now, inspections can be faster and more comprehensive without the need for duplicate data entry efforts. Our flexible mobile solutions put the technology your team needs to inspect infrastructure simply and efficiently in their hands, on Android and iOS devices.

GPS+Location Information

Mobile data mapping for agricultural field teams

With accurate metadata – including time, date, GPS coordinates and more – included automatically with each entry, less guesswork is included when it comes to locating the source of trouble or performing standard inspections.

Unmatched Security Features

When working with critical municipal information, security is critical. Zerion’s industry-leading “Trust-No-One” architecture means the data your team collects is safe, from collection to reporting.

Offline Data Capture

A WiFi connection isn’t always available. When your team is working in a remote location, they can depend on iFormBuilder’s offline data capture, allowing records collected in the field to sync automatically when a connection becomes available. No downtime, no delays.

Minimal Training

Implementing a new program doesn’t have to be a pain point. Utilizing a simple interface, iFormBuilder requires minimal training, meaning your team can be up and running in no time.

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Win More Bids by Cutting Costs

Many times, winning inspection jobs comes from submitting the most competitive bids. By reducing inspection times and the cost of field team inspections, you can grow your business without growing your team, submitting more competitive bids and creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with various municipalities and other customers.

dollar sign and clock representing time reduction to save money

Decrease Inspection Times

Time is money, especially as it relates to smart water inspections. By reducing manhole cover inspection times, by an average of 66%, you can perform more inspections without increasing the number of billable hours spent in the field. What could your team do with more time?

two mobile devices

Remove Pen and Paper from the Inspection Process Altogether

Using a pen and paper to perform manhole cover and other water infrastructure inspections is inherently problematic. From missed data points and transcription errors to duplicate actions requiring time and manual efforts, the process is inefficient and filled with delays. Using iFormBuilder and the Zerion Suite, your field team can perform inspections more efficiently on the devices they already carry, no pen and paper required. Imagine the possibilities!