We know your data is precious, it?s everything to you and you want it in your hands as safe and as soon as possible. With iFormBuilder, your data is yours, from start to finish.

Every iFormBuilder account offers a complete choice of data feeds (Excel, XML, JASON, ATOM and RSS) so you can access your data on demand and how you need it. We can even push data updates straight to your inbox via email, XML or JSON post. For companies that consume large amounts of data and want enhanced performance, we offer a Dedicated Database. This option allows you to keep your data isolated in its own environment with the ability to leverage our API, check out our Growing and Emerging plans on our pricing page for more details.

For Ultra-Disconnected data collection, we are pleased to introduce the ThunderPlug®. The ThunderPlug® gives users the iFormBuilder Server on an appliance no bigger than a portable hard-drive. The ThunderPlug allows field users to operate in a disconnected environment. Sync data back to the cloud when you’re back in a connected environment. More details to come, if you want to learn more now, please contact us.

Dedicated database

The iFormBuilder dedicated database option allows clients to have peace of mind that their data is in a separate, dedicated database.

Key benefits include:

* Data separated from main shared database farm
* Dedicated iForm server connection URL
* Outbound email server configuration
* Directly connecting common reporting and process tools such as Excel, Crystal Report, MS-Access or SQLServer
* Admin Portal branding (Optional)

Dedicated Database Details:

Our dedicated database offering provides users a separate MySQL instance running in the iFormBuilder cloud. Your company will receive a dedicated /p URL to access your data and build your forms. All data (including form meta-data and all data collected) will be stored in this dedicated database.

iFormBuilder is built to never get between you and your data. It?s your data, do what you want with it, it?s your call.

*Requires dedicated database