The Zerion White Label Program offers companies, organizations and agencies with the ability and flexibility to custom brand the iForm App for either internal distribution or for Certified Solution Providers. The app may be published via Google Play or the App Store.
In simplest terms, the White Label offers organizations the ability to rebrand the iForm app. However, with the Zerion White Label Program the benefits far exceed the branding value to organizations. The Zerion team has spent almost a decade building an award winning, industry leading mobile data collection platform and we simply are not in the business of creating competitors or business-in-a-box solutions to other groups.

The Zerion White Label Program is specifically designed for two groups:

Organizations with a Dedicated Database

Companies and organizations with a dedicated database can opt to have their own White Label solution. The White Label provides organizations a more efficient method to distribute the app to end users. The app is branded as their own and can be distributed via an MDM (Mobile Device Management) system, an internal website or through the Zerion Admin Control Panel. Companies and organizations must maintain their own iOS Developer Enterprise Account.

Certified Solution Providers

Zerion offers a program for industry leading organizations to leverage Zerion as the front end mobile component to their solution. The solution is not general or simply offering mobile forms, but rather the Solution Provider offers a predefined end-to-end solution to a specific industry with deep integration between Zerion and their backend reporting or workflow management systems. Solution Providers may resell or distribute the mobile app via the App Store, Google Play or through other private distribution channels. The Certified Solution Provider program is highly selective and requires prior approvals and validation of a solution prior to organizations enrolling. All Solution Providers are required to maintain their own iOS Developer Account to be able to publish their app to the App Store. The Certified Solution Provider Program requires an application process and requires a separate ASP agreement.

Benefits Beyond Branding

Sure, your organization wishes to put their best foot forward and maintain brand consistency for their field teams; however, the benefits of the White Label far exceed the colors and logos on the app:

  • Version Control: Your solution is mission critical to your organization and customer base. With the Zerion White Label,  you are able to select when your app releases the latest version or new updates.
  • Easy Distribution: Distribute your app internally by bypassing the App Store or provide a link to your custom app on an internal website.  You can also manage your distribution via your corporate Mobile Device Management system.
  • Early Access To New Updates: Receive side door access to the latest developments of the Zerion team and test or distribute the latest version before the new code goes live.
  • Preconfigure Your App Preferences:   Preset details like sync on start, delete on upload, server name and more to maintain consistent configurations across your organization.
  • Single Sign On Capabilities:    The White Label is the foundation for integrating SSO into your app for your organization.
  • Foundation For Custom Work:   The ability to integrate custom hardware, custom features and feature requests by bypassing the traditional Zerion Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Get your feature enhancements built and deployed faster.

Zerion White Label Service

While Zerion provides an incredible opportunity for organizations to quickly and effectively build and deploy a White Label version of Zerion, the process does require an expertise and an understanding of what is required to successfully publish to the App Store or maintain an enterprise app. At Zerion, we have managed more than 50 apps  from creation through approval and managed all updates throughout the entire life-cycle. We know what it takes to bring apps to life.

Zerion experts are available to assist with your white label deployment under the Zerion Implementation Support rates of $500 for 4 hours.

You are responsible for:

  • Providing sign up for iOS developer account(s)
  • Supplying Client artwork and App Details to Zerion Software

Contact Ryan Coleman at with any questions.